Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Mum 2 Mum change mat review!

We were sent this gorgeous Mum 2 Mum change/play mat from the South African distributors called Wonder Baby!

We had previously purchased some of their bibs at a baby show and I just loved how absorbent they were, good quality cotton and the clever snap placement that made it easy to use from newborn right through toddler hood. What I noticed about it being velour toweling was that it didn't seem to stain and well as a mamma of 4 I always replaced most of their bibs after each chid as you know how stained they become, so this was an extra bonus.


Their facecloths look awesome and a great size to use as cloth wipes I think, plus the COLOURS, oh my!

What we like about the Mum 2 Mum change/playmat:
  • It's a generous ( 74cm x 74cm) size so makes for easy changing, especially at public restrooms etc. No more thumbling around to make sure your baby doesn't touch the public baby changemat surface!
  • It's made of the same cotton velour toweling as the bibs I mentioned earlier. So easy to clean and no staining.
  • It has a nylon backing so dries quickly but prevents leaks to the surface below so great if baby makes a wee while changing on a friends bed or carpet while you out visiting.
  • Fits easily in the bag to take along with you.
  • I found that before Sweetpea was walking I used it a lot as a play surface for her.
To your right is the changemat, my mini first aid kit, 3 nappies, Faye & Lou Cozio and then under this there is still a spare prefold and cover just incase and a spare set of clothes.

Plus Little Man thinks this cape gives him super powers!