Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Mum 2 Mum change mat review!

We were sent this gorgeous Mum 2 Mum change/play mat from the South African distributors called Wonder Baby!

We had previously purchased some of their bibs at a baby show and I just loved how absorbent they were, good quality cotton and the clever snap placement that made it easy to use from newborn right through toddler hood. What I noticed about it being velour toweling was that it didn't seem to stain and well as a mamma of 4 I always replaced most of their bibs after each chid as you know how stained they become, so this was an extra bonus.


Their facecloths look awesome and a great size to use as cloth wipes I think, plus the COLOURS, oh my!

What we like about the Mum 2 Mum change/playmat:
  • It's a generous ( 74cm x 74cm) size so makes for easy changing, especially at public restrooms etc. No more thumbling around to make sure your baby doesn't touch the public baby changemat surface!
  • It's made of the same cotton velour toweling as the bibs I mentioned earlier. So easy to clean and no staining.
  • It has a nylon backing so dries quickly but prevents leaks to the surface below so great if baby makes a wee while changing on a friends bed or carpet while you out visiting.
  • Fits easily in the bag to take along with you.
  • I found that before Sweetpea was walking I used it a lot as a play surface for her.
To your right is the changemat, my mini first aid kit, 3 nappies, Faye & Lou Cozio and then under this there is still a spare prefold and cover just incase and a spare set of clothes.

Plus Little Man thinks this cape gives him super powers!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

What's in my vanity?

So this is our bathroom vanity. Not only is it one of my favourite things in our home because who says a repurposed desk can't be used in a bathroom right?! It also holds one of my little secrets…

Within this vanity, inside one of the drawers is my heart bag that now holds my new "crush". You see Sweetpea has day trained (a whole other post) so she isn't using much cloth nappies now but a mamma still has to have something with prints and pretty ofcourse! And mine come in the form of…

You guessed it! I'm "that crunchy"! Mama Cloth! So along my fluff journey over the last 6 years with cloth nappies, I often stumbled across sites selling Mama Cloth (cloth sanitary pads). When Little Man was a few months old I dabbled in it a while and even made my own and loved it. So another 3 years down the line and there are so many more options available in South Africa that I am so excited to try.

Over the next couple of months I will be reviewing a few different brands. First up will be the Charlie Banana brand from Tiny Hiney and a WAHM brand called TomFips.

So why use mama cloth?

  • It's healthier for you and your daughters (which I now have to think about as Princess is turning 9 this month, eeeeck!)
  • Has no chemicals, gels that are being absorbed by your body.
  • Some have noticed the decline in level of pain and cramping compared to using disposables.
  • Cheaper to use. 
  • Better for the earth. Doing some research I found out that an average woman uses about 10 000 sanitary pads/tampons in her lifetime! Yikes!
  • What's worse is that 98%, yip people, 98% gets flushed directly down the toilet! So when using MC nothing is getting flushed down the loo or being thrown out.

 In the next couple of months we will be covering:

  1. How to wash them by hand or washing machine (really not as gross as it sounds!)
  2. How to store them while in use
  3. Night time options
  4. Day time options
  5. Liners
  6. Storing/using them while out
If you have any questions you would like answered in the posts to come please leave a comment or send me a message via my FACEBOOK page.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Eco nappy solutions trainers!

This is my Little Man... We had our two precious girls before he came so understandably, we didn't know much about boys! We kept hearing "they take longer than girls to do EVERYTHING!". We weren't really bothered because we believe they each do everything on their own time. So imagine our surprise when he walked before our girls did and was running around at his first birthday! 

Then came potty training... I didn't like this part so much with my girls so was super excited when Little Man trained in 2 days! We hoping Sweetpea will finalize her EC journey this spring too but for now I've decided to show you what we've been using in the meantime and what I used for the 2 days with Little Man.

Little man was sent these cutie frog trainers by ECO NAPPY SOLUTIONS when he trained. 

2 years and 3 months and 14kg.

What we like about these trainers:

  • They are thinner than most trainers available so seem more like regular underwear which is less confusing for the toddler.
  • I liked that it didn't have this thick absorbent part in the crotch area so Little Man could tell when he had a nappy on versus his trainer.
  • This trainer needs to be changed immediately after it's wet so they start to associate wetness with these undies and is also helpful for parents to time potty oppurtunities.
  • The elastic around the leg and thigh is very comfy and never left a mark on Little Man like some others did.
  • The outer is made of 100% cotton, inner linning 85% cotton 15% polyester and the centre panel and bum area has a TPU waterproof section.
  • They come in 6 sizes so really easy to find the perfect fit for your toddler or baby.
Still able to do all the stretching and climbing most boys do!

Elimination Communication (EC) and Eco Nappy Solutions Trainers.

6 months wearing a size small trainer.

We used a smaller size for Sweetpea in the summer that really helped me learn her EC cues. By having the trainer on while she sat on my lap or on a mat while we played we were able to notice her body language just before she would wet them. Of course you can use a regular thin flat that's Snappied on to do that but these trainers are so much cuter. I had a few friends who thought they were so adorable they bought them to go over their babies nappies and to match their little dresses or tops!

An edible print for the girls...

And one for the boys
Check out their page for more prints and prices. They also have Bamboo Pull Up nappies that are great to introduce when your child is getting used to pulling his or her underwear up and down.

LOVE this print!!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Fuzzibunz Elite

So anybody scouring the net for nappy reviews is sure to find the name FUZZIBUNZ come up more than the average nappy. Well good news is that this brand has hit South African shores and I for one am really tickled grape (you'll see just now why it's not pink!) that Sweetpea and I got to give this baby a test drive!

Introducing the Fuzzibunz Elite... in Grape

Ok so what do you get when purchasing your Fuzzibunz Elite from Earth Sisters:

  1. The Pocket Nappy in a range of colour choices
  2. Med/Large Microfibre Insert
  3. Small Microfibre Insert for Newborns
  4. This nappy comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty that covers the snaps for 3 years (birth to potty) and any defects in material and workmanship for 1 year.
  5. Comes with an added elastic incase yours perishes over time.

One of my favourite features is the generous pocket size so that even a daddy could stuff these pockets!
It has a lovely fit around the waist and legs and I would imagine no EBF newborn poop would escape out the back of these!

Still plenty of space left to grow in this nappy at 18 months...

What we enjoy about the Fuzzibunz Elite:

  • I love the fit of this nappy and am really keen to try it on a newborn for size, it ranges from 3kg to 16kg.
  • We haven't had a leak yet but now at 18 months I am adding an extra insert to the 2 that came with the nappy.
  • The elastics on the inside are easy to adjust. I would suggest though that if you have more than 1 child in cloth to have different ones allocated for each child as it could become a pain to adjust the elastic every time you change a nappy.
  • I love the structure and size of this nappy. It doesn't run on the large size but Sweetpea at 18 months still has plenty wear of this nappy.

The elastics can be replaced should they perish with the spare sent and without needing to sew them on. The button holes are generous enough that you don't struggle to use them but keep the nappy at the desired size without popping out.

  • This is one of my favourites to wear out and add a matching T because it is just sooooo cute so imagine my shock and horror when at a friends house she got it butt and all in a pile of lovely red farm sand!!! Oh the sinking feeling only a cloth diaper addict would understand! Surprisingly though it NEVER stained and has had a few encounters of the disastrous kind, like spaghetti sauce and coconut oil bum cream on the outer PUL and no stains! 
  • The fit is so great that I've actually used it as a swim nappy before too without the inserts in. 

My next purchase...

Fuzzibunz Elite in  Blue Lagoon

We received our Fuzzibunz Elite from

You can find them here: