Meet the Mamma

Welcome to "Meet the Mamma", Movie Maker and the Munchkins!

This is me, the MAMMA behind Mamma Going Green and my Movie Maker, the PAPPA in the house! We've been married for almost 11 years and I think he is my BIGGEST fan! He is in the film industry and that's why we moved to Cape Town 7 years ago. We love Cape Town!

This is our Princess, she was our miracle baby after being told we might never have babies! Man did we pray for her! She is kind and sweet and loves to encourage those that think they can't. She LOOOOOOVES to talk and is pretty creative!

She is now going to be 7! SNIFF, SNIFF! And as you can see she likes to be the clown for her siblings. She gets real joy from seeing them laugh!

This Is Sunshine. she was my baba born after a miscarriage. She was diagnosed with Pyloric Stenosis  at 5 weeks old and we thought she would have to go in for surgery to correct it then and there as it's normally life or death by the time a parent finds out they have it. Again plenty prayer and here she is at 4 years old and never been touched!

She is a quiet soul that does things to the beat of her own drum. She is very protective of her siblings and can be really affectionate and tender. She's really good at building puzzles and loves homeschooling.

This is Little Man. He is my gentleman.  He loves  dinosaurs, dolphins and tigers and his favourite place to sleep is on my arm next to me. He talks really well for his age and keeps telling me " I'm not a baby I'm a boy"... Can anyone slow the clock cause he is growing WAY to fast!

My precious 2 year old boy! He loves going out with his daddy and doing boy stuff with him! He is going to be a good catch when he's older!

And last but definitely not least, our Sweetpea! She is affectionately known as the "family's baby". She is the easiest baby ever, hardly ever cries and has a permanent smile on her face! She is a real giggle bug and loves it when I take warm clothes out the drier and swish it over her face. She loves being worn in her wrap and secretly has a crush on her daddy! She was born this june and it seems like time is flying by with her. She is an EC baby and uses her potty for just about every number 2!

Our Sweetpea is really just that... SWEET! She is growing in leaps and bounds and we are just so delighted that she has finished our family off!


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