Sunday, 3 July 2016

Hello Again!

Hellooooooo, anybody there?!

Well to be honest I am SOOOOOO surprised that I still had so many views even though I have been MIA for so long.

I  actually had to decide whether to carry on with the blog because life is just too busy for this mamma and my hubster may be a writer but I AM NOT, so it takes me way to long to write a post but alas I have decided to continue what I love doing on here just on a different format. I will occassionally have some posts but will mostly be vlogging because I can talk so much better than write lol!

All our reviews, homeschool and just life will be posted on You Tube with links here.

Life has gone on since I "saw" you all last so will post it all in pics as that's way more fun than reading right?!

Ordinary day at home in the school room. Will be doing a video clip of our set up soon as we get asked a lot about our space.

 Some outside learning, enjoying the warm sunshine.

 This madam turned 4 and to think she was the reason this blog started when she was only 4 weeks old.

Little man decided it was time to cut his curls. I do miss them but he is loving the ease of it and so am I. LOVE this pick of my boys!

Princess has turned 10 and I have to pinch myself on a daily basis that we have approached this age with our firstborn who we thought we would never have.

Miss Sunshine has turned 8 and she is such a treasure with a wicked sense of humour. She is enjoying reading now and loves " little adventures" as she calls them.

Mr MovieMaker, well he worked on another movie this year, wrote a book and a script for a tv series and has just been his awesome self as always. I am so incredibly proud of this guy and all that he stands for. He lost both his parents in a space of a year and was able to stand tall after. He has some exciting things coming soon and I can't wait to walk that journey with him…

We decided this time while we travelled for hubsters work that we would take a train trip instead of fly and man, that was such an awesome adventure. 27 hours of straight family time in 2 cabins on a train… BLISS! We can highly recommend it but will do another pic laden post on that soon.

So please stick around and be part of the change from blog to vlog and send all your requests of what you would like to see on FACEBOOK

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