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Poopsy Daisy

When I started with cloth nappies 8 years ago when Miss Sunshine was a couple of weeks old, I remember wishing South Africa had the wide range of WAHM (work at home mom) brands that the US had.

Well the cloth community in SA has grown hugely since then and now we do have some awesome brands available locally! One of my favourite brands is Poopsy Daisy.

Charnelle, the creative brain behind this brand.. She is a mamma to 4 and a homeschooler too, so you can understand my excitement right?!

Not only is she a mamma after my own heart but her products at Poopsy Daisy are of excellent quality and workmanship. The fleece night nappy we received was our work horse in our stash and always reliable as a night time option.

This was the beloved Poopsy we received, it's now been passed on to this cutie in the pic. Charnelle no longer makes these but has Windpro Night nappies that I hear are bomb proof! 

Sweetpea fed at least twice at night and went through stages were her output would be considered "heavy wetter", so this night time solution was put through the test.

What we liked about the Poopsy Night Fleece Nappy
  • It never let us down as a night time solution, it could hold 8 hours and not leak and also wouldn't leave Sweetpea with a clammy toosh. That was with the 3 inserts it came with. As she got older I added a small prefold in for night time.
  • The inserts in my case weren't snap ons so I could choose to have the bamboo side face her bum during the day (natural fabric option against skin) and then the fleece side against her at night giving the stay dry feel.
  • Wash after wash  and not one stitch came undone, shrinkage or stretched elastics never happened with this one.
  • The fleece does pill after some use but that is the nature of the fabric so expect that to happen.
  • Along our cloth journey with 3 babies, I found that I really enjoyed a fold over rise and this nappy has one. Although the design of the Poopsy Daisy nappy has changed to a slimmer cut, I still found this one to be snug and I used the fold over rise on and off for quite a while. It's not just limited to younger babies, as they grow and get taller and slimmer I did find I used the fold over rise again.
  • On its full rise setting it will last till potty training. Sweetpea day trained just before 2 and this nappy still had quite a bit of "give" left.
  • Another great option for night are hemp nappies with a fleece cover.  These are the fitteds (with and without snaps) and a winged prefold (top right corner)

The different prints and snap colour combos are so gorgeous. Did I mention I have a thing for foxes?

This has a snap in insert but as you can see the snaps aren't exposed on the back so no discomfort for baby when they lie down.

The snap placement on this nappy is awesome. I never had bunching between snaps (I'm not OCD, I promise!) and found that I used the foldover rise on occassion with Sweetpea at her toddler stage too as she slimmed out after a growth spurt so even a handy feature at the end stages of our nappy journey. I will be introducing my new niece at the end of the post but this is Squish in her Poopsy Daisy newborn fitteds. They have a cord snap too that can snap down so the fabric doesn't chafe the cord stump.

This nappy can go coverless if you have a light to medium wetter or can be used with a fleece soaker/longies, wool cover or PUL cover for heavy wetters.
Poopsy Daisy Longies are also available.

Velour nappies.

Squish in her "Dragon scales" side snapping SIO. She was 7 weeks old and 4.8kgs on the smallest rise setting.

Poopsy Daisy stocks:

  • Contoured prefolds and prefolds
  • Hemp fitteds
  • Hybrid fitteds
  • SIO
  • Pants or loones
  • Fleece night nappies
  • Mama Cloth (cloth menstrual pads for ladies and girls)
Quite excited about these!


So let me introduce you to the new member of the family. This is Squish and she will occassionally model some goodies and test out products for the blog/vlog. Ain't she cute?!

For those who don't know, I'm the oldest of 2 children and this cutie belongs to my baby brother.

Squishy right?!
I can't say enough about the workmanship of these nappies. Wash after wash and from baby to toddler to the next baby and it's still going. Every stash needs a Poopsy.

You can find them on Facebook and online.

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