Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Snappy Nappy Review

We received a Snappy Nappy to test out by Tiny Hiney…

We have used this nappy for a year and a half and its a definite in my books especially for new comers to cloth nappies. Let me tell you why:

  • It's considered an All in Two system which means the inserts can come apart from the cover. This is great for new comers to cloth as it's easy to use. The inserts just snap in and its ready to go once the size in the front has been adjusted to fit your babe.
  • If the insert gets soiled and the cover is fine, you just clip the dirty one out, throw in your nappy pail and add new insert, tada! Easy as 1 2 3!
  • As the inserts are seperate they can be tumble dried seperately so no risk of affecting the PUL cover which is great for winter rainfall areas like ours.
  • It's a good option if your baby goes to daycare or has a nanny during the day because of the ease of use and it's daddy proof!
  • Takes up less space in the nappy bag as you pack one cover and a few extra inserts.

1 day time large insert at 14 kgs and 27 months.
No gaps around the leg and snug fit with 1 insert
With one insert

  • We use 1 insert during the day and it was sufficient for 2 hours for Sweetpea. At night we added the night booster which clips in first to the cover and then has snaps on so that the day cover (which has microfleece on top to keep baby feeling dry), is clipped onto that. It doesn't move around inside the cover/shell because of the interior snaps on the cover.

  • I prefer not to have Sweetpea's skin exposed to the PUL for long periods of time so although we used this nappy for night time with great success I eventually was using the inserts in different nappy options for night time ( like inside a fitted for an extra boost) and then used it during the day with either the day insert or the cover with another nappy = Versatile nappy

2 large size inserts.

2 inserts day time and night time inserts snapped in cover.

2 large size inserts clipped in this cover. 14 kgs and 27 months.

2 inserts side view. Even with double stuffing it isn't creating gaps at the leg that could cause leaking.

2 inserts, I think it is still pretty trim considering it is used as a night time option. 

All rise settings unsnapped and on the last 2 snap settings on the  waist tabs.  This was  around 14 kgs and at 27 months. she is already day time potty trained and only using a nappy at night time.

Colour options

  • The covers come in 4 colour options and have double gussets on the inside which is great for exclusively breastfed babies and their runny poop!
  • This cover is undergoing some changes so a version 2 will be out soon.
  • This is a really reasonably priced option and for what you get it's worth it.
  • The cover has 4 size settings on the rise and the stomach tabs have cross over snaps so should fit a wider range of sizes.
  • Inserts come in 3 sizes too.
  • Inserts can be used in Best Bottom and Butons covers and vice versa.
  • It is a durable option and could last a few children. Our sets were used daily and have now been passed onto another little one and it's still in good condition.
  • I did find that the microfleece topped insert (day insert) tended to stain easier than some of my other inserts but it always responded well to a few hours in the sun.

Small - yellow, Medium - teal, Large - purple

You can find them and many other cloth related products over at:

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