Friday, 21 February 2014

Fuzzibunz Elite

So anybody scouring the net for nappy reviews is sure to find the name FUZZIBUNZ come up more than the average nappy. Well good news is that this brand has hit South African shores and I for one am really tickled grape (you'll see just now why it's not pink!) that Sweetpea and I got to give this baby a test drive!

Introducing the Fuzzibunz Elite... in Grape

Ok so what do you get when purchasing your Fuzzibunz Elite from Earth Sisters:

  1. The Pocket Nappy in a range of colour choices
  2. Med/Large Microfibre Insert
  3. Small Microfibre Insert for Newborns
  4. This nappy comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty that covers the snaps for 3 years (birth to potty) and any defects in material and workmanship for 1 year.
  5. Comes with an added elastic incase yours perishes over time.

One of my favourite features is the generous pocket size so that even a daddy could stuff these pockets!
It has a lovely fit around the waist and legs and I would imagine no EBF newborn poop would escape out the back of these!

Still plenty of space left to grow in this nappy at 18 months...

What we enjoy about the Fuzzibunz Elite:

  • I love the fit of this nappy and am really keen to try it on a newborn for size, it ranges from 3kg to 16kg.
  • We haven't had a leak yet but now at 18 months I am adding an extra insert to the 2 that came with the nappy.
  • The elastics on the inside are easy to adjust. I would suggest though that if you have more than 1 child in cloth to have different ones allocated for each child as it could become a pain to adjust the elastic every time you change a nappy.
  • I love the structure and size of this nappy. It doesn't run on the large size but Sweetpea at 18 months still has plenty wear of this nappy.

The elastics can be replaced should they perish with the spare sent and without needing to sew them on. The button holes are generous enough that you don't struggle to use them but keep the nappy at the desired size without popping out.

  • This is one of my favourites to wear out and add a matching T because it is just sooooo cute so imagine my shock and horror when at a friends house she got it butt and all in a pile of lovely red farm sand!!! Oh the sinking feeling only a cloth diaper addict would understand! Surprisingly though it NEVER stained and has had a few encounters of the disastrous kind, like spaghetti sauce and coconut oil bum cream on the outer PUL and no stains! 
  • The fit is so great that I've actually used it as a swim nappy before too without the inserts in. 

My next purchase...

Fuzzibunz Elite in  Blue Lagoon

We received our Fuzzibunz Elite from

You can find them here:

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