Monday, 4 February 2013

SnuggleBum nappies!

I'm a very proud mamma these last few weeks! Little Man toilet trained in less than a week and went off all nappies. He hasn't had one accident at night! Of course I know this can change at any moment as just when you think you've got it down, they change ALL the rules! Having said that I'm still really impressed with how well he did.

These photos are about 2 months old and was probably the last cloth nappy he wore as he loves, loves, loves the print on it!

This is the SNUGGLEBUM NAPPY! I am proud to say it is totally made by the company and isn't an import! Its a fitted nappy with a pocket to stuff and has a separate cover. 

This is the large nappy on Little Man at 2 years old (28 months)

This the large cover with plenty room to still grow.
This is the system. Flannel pocket with snaps, absorbent towel made of 100 % cotton, PUL cover.

What we love about Snugglebum:

  • They are proudly made in SA offering community development and the creation of jobs by equipping the local ladies with the necessary skills and providing employment for sewing the nappies.
  • The flannel stays soft wash after wash and comes in a few cute prints.
  • As all the parts are separate they dry far quicker than most nappies.
  • Pocket is a generous size so even daddy's large hands can stuff this nappy.
  • Their sizing is great, medium and large sized nappies fit really well as they are sized accordingly and the one size will size quite small to fit a younger baby.
  • Love the snap placements, no wing droop on this fitted or cover which is a HUGE plus in my books!
  • Makes a great night nappy and we haven't had to double stuff it so far.
  • Really easy to put together and quicker than what you think, should get all your folding done in a half hour of NCIS lol!

SnuggleBum nappy pockets are offered in Medium, Large and One Size.  The Medium nappies will fit an average sized baby from 6 weeks to 18 months.  The Large nappies will fit from 12 months to potty. 

We will be reviewing the one size on Sweetpea as well as their swimming cozzie and ring sling so come back soon for that! In the meantime check out their website and keep a look out for their video's on how to stuff and use their nappies. Really informative site!

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  1. I refuse to use Drymax diapers because my baby has such sensitive skin so I love that they still have a product without Drymax features. Simply the best kind of diapers on the market.