Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Gorgeous Mom Bra Review!

Ok so I'm really big on breastfeeding! I've fed all my babies and am in the process of relactating with Sweetpea (whole other story that I will post about, when I'm brave enough!). BUT and this is a BIG, HUGE but... I loath the feeding bra's! They are always in abundance in beige and white and then I'm talking plain as plain can be. Whats up with that? Enter Gorgeous Mom.

Right... This is more like it!!
I was sent 2 beautiful bra's for review and immediately I was excited to try these babies on! I received the 


Orchid Purple

They aren't only beautiful, here is my list of PRO'S:

  • Incredibly comfortable
  • The clips are so easy to use with one hand
  • The clips are really good quality and you can feel once they have clipped in versus hearing this loud "cluck" while breastfeeding in public (yip that's happened to me!)
  • The fit is so snug in the sides and back without giving bulges everywhere.
  • Did I mention they are GORGEOUS?
  • They are available in underwire or padded and really give a wonderful smooth finish under your top.
  • They also hide the ridges made by breast pads.
Now initially these bra's didn't fit me well (my mistake as I sent the wrong measurements) but Gorgeous Mom staff are so awesome with their service and help so really every mom can be helped out with the right size. I've had other friends order from them and say the same about their service and the bra's.

You won't be sorry for checking their site out:

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