Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Nourish Soap Bars


We've been using natural bodycare products for over 5 years now and I love it knowing that my family is getting cleaned but not stripped of natural oils or being filled with harsh chemicals. Having said that though, good soap bars are sometimes hard to find. They're either really squishy when they get wet, lose their smell after a few days in the shower, crumble to pieces, etc, etc. I was pretty excited to try NOURISH Natural Soaps when I heard we would be sent 2 to review. I was going to test these soapies out and that I did and they passed with flying colors!!!


  • They are filled with totally natural ingredients
  • They are beautiful to look at so look awesome in your bathroom but are coloured using natural dyes from carrots, spinach etc from the Alchemists own garden! How's that for a personal touch.
  • They keep their fragrance till the very end, this can sometimes be hard to find in a natural bar of soap so it truly is my favourite feature.
  • Pauline the Alchemist makes them with such passion and really fills them with all these stunning ingredients that I don't often see, like Kaolin Clay, Bentonite, Oats, Spirulina etc.
  • They are really a generous size for the price you pay so 2 bars went really far for our family of 6.
  • Nourish bars are made using 100% pure coconut oil base so it's not only moisturizing it's long lasting, anti-aging and nourishing.
  • They are completely hand made, hand cut and packaged and have been personally tested by Pauline and her family.
  • There are heaps of fragrant choices and each with their own properties and functions. I really want to try out the Breathe bar for Colds and Sinus that has Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oil and detoxing Bentonite clay as well as their Shampoo Bar.
  • Did I mention she is a Homeschool Mamma so we love to support our fellow Homeschoolers!
You can view these delicious bars here

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