Monday, 31 December 2012

Mommy Must have Monday! Baby Throne!

Ok so my gorgeous Sweetpea has hit the 6 month mark, sniff, sniff! She has been growing so beautifully and really is such a joy! She is still doing EC (Elimination Communication) and is quite the star. A few months back we got the BABY THRONE and oh my goodness... every EC mamma and baby should have one! We love ours for so many reasons which I will share after some cutie pics (to this mamma anyway!).

First time on my throne, see my smile? A few seconds later.....a wee!!

Can you tell I like the independence? Now mommy can sit in front of me and I can look at a book or my mommy's face! This is the Intermediate stage and we used this stage for only a few days just to get Sweetpea used to the shape of the seat then we moved onto.....

The loo! Yes my then 4 month old on the toilet by herself! Now having said that, NEVER  leave your baby alone in the bathroom on the THRONE! Use the few minutes to sing a song, read a little board book or show off your funny faces!

This has become a huge tool in our EC journey. Every morning when I wake up we go to the kiddies bathroom and I slip off her night nappy and she sits on her throne. It only takes a few seconds and she makes her no 1. With a song or some chatting to get some smiles then follows no 2! Now for my "little" list on why we love it:

  • The Beginner Baby Throne: The first stage or when your baba is very small and can hold his/her head up comfortably. Sweetpea was 4 months old. Wearing her nappy,  bottom is close to the bottom of the base and there is no hole to worry about.
  • The Intermediate Baby Throne: The base is turned up the other way and the floor of the base is farther away from baba's bottom. With no nappy on she can feel the air on her bottom and can get used to it.  Sweetpea was 4 months old when I tried this and loved it.
  • The Advanced Baby Throne: Used without the base and is simply placed on top of the toilet. Toddlers can also use these gentle and progressive stages to get onto the advanced stage quickly without getting a fright!
  • Can be used by physically handicapped children too as the seat gives great support.
  • It was made by a mamma for her son so she knows what was needed!
  • Its ubber soft and comfy
  • It's recyclable BONUS!
  • 60% LESS nappies used, so huge saving if you are using disposables so GREENER and saves you money and time!
  • can last from 4 months+ till about 20 kg (+/- 4 to 5kg's) so worth every cent spent in my opinion (for what it's worth).

So worth checking their site out! 

You will be seeing more of this throne in our EC UPDATES, hope you don't mind this mamma's potty mouth!

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