Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Not so wordless wednesday!

Yes I know it's technically meant to be a wordless wednesday but the last few days had me thinking hugely about moments... 

As a homeschooling mom of 4 my life can get pretty hectic and busy. My munchkins are mostly with me all day and we do school, make meals, clean, do washing, do dishes, change diapers etc etc etc. The list goes on and on and sometimes I wonder how I can do it all. Having said that the last few days of news bulletins and all that unfolded in Connecticut had me thinking... what are the moments we have with our children?  If I had sent my kiddies to school that day and we had harsh words about either of them fighting with each other or toys lying on the floor or breakfast bowls still on the table and something happened to them, that would have been my last moment with them. If that was the case I would've wanted them to rather have had a smiling face, a tight squeeze an " I LOVE U, you are great" moment instead.

We never know when is our last day here or that of our children. We need to treasure our moments with them and handle the day with love and grace for each other. Not be so quick to react in harshness but remember that they are learning and training to be adults. They are allowed to spill milk, don't shout just show them how to clean it up and don't forget the " you did a great job at wiping up the milk". I'm still trying to master this myself but when I look at these faces I know I want them to know I love them unconditionally and that no matter what their age and how big or small their own families become one day, they can call on us! 

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