Thursday, 13 December 2012

Sweetpea's little black number! Cherub tree nappies

Ok so you've been reading my blog for a while now (thank you to those that keep coming back!) and you are getting to know me pretty well. So what's one of my favourite colours?


 No I'm not Goth I just like a pretty black dress or some gorgeous black heels (neither of which I have in my wardrobe at the moment! lol). So when Cherubtree let me know that they are sending Sweetpea their Midnight Black  to review I was really excited! Sweetpea's first little black number! Now let me tell you that this nappy doesn't dissappoint! It's not only gorgeous on the outside but really feels soft on the inside too! 

Great fit around the legs and it doesn't leave marks!

Sweetpea is wearing it on the 2nd rise setting and I think she will wear it like this for a while. She'll get a lot of use on this nappy.
This is a super trim nappy! We've used it for night time use with the 2 inserts provided with no leaks!

Why we looooooove this nappy:

  • Each Cherub Tree OSFA nappy comes with a waterproof cover (9 colours for you to choose from) and two inserts. 
  • 4-layer Microfibre insert 3-layer hemp/cotton insert 
  • Microfibre is a fantastic material. It absorbs liquid fast, and helps draw moisture through the lining of the nappy into itself (helps keep your baby’s bottom dry). But the downside to microfibre is that while it holds a lot of fluid – it tends to work like a sponge: when it gets too full, fluid can be squeezed out. So, if your baby is sitting or lying down for long periods of time, the insert can get full and then fluid can be "squished" out and cause leaks. That's where the hemp insert comes in!
  • Hemp is a natural fibre which also has amazing absorbency qualities. Hemp can hold about as much liquid as microfibre, however it holds it differently within its fibres and it doesn’t squeeze out like microfibre. The downside to hemp is that when it gets wet it tends to get quite firm – so a nappy with just hemp inserts in it can become a little hard and uncomfortable on your baby when it's full. We have chosen to mix the inserts and materials to provide a nappy with the best of both! The microfibre sits on top of the hemp – so it draws moisture quickly away from your baby’s bottom. Once that insert is full – the hemp insert underneath will take the overflow, preventing unnecessary leaks. Because you have mostly microfibre in the nappy, it remains soft and comfortable between your baby’s legs (unlike a nappy full of hemp). So the combination Cherubtree has chosen ensures you get maximum absorbency as well as an incredibly trim fitting nappy.

These are their gorgeous colours! That pink is so yummy!

Please check out their awesome site:

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  1. Gosh I love how the black diaper looks on! Kinda thought it might work on a boy, but it looks absolutely fantastic on your little girl. Now I want one for mine! :-)