Saturday, 29 December 2012

Tranquil Body Treats!

Mmmmm looks yummy right?! Well it is! For a change there is something on review for a natural mamma! Goodness knows I LOOOOOVE to have a long, warm, candlelight bath! Don't get them too often, its more like a quick shower but Mr Moviemaker does like to surprise me now and again with a bubbling candlelight bath when all the kiddo's are sleeping! He keeps an ear on them while I soak up the smells!

TRANQUIL BODY TREATS sent us two of their gorgeous products from their really extensive range!

I received their LIME bath sherbet... utter goodness!! All the fizziness does really work for relieving tired, aching muscles. They use essential oils to fragrance their products so no nasties here. Some bath salts I've used before don't really release a fragrance and always stay at the bottom of the bath. Not this one!

Next up Sweetpea got to try out their Baby body mousse.  When I first opened the tub I thought the LAVENDER was quite strong but because it was all natural I didn't mind giving it a go! I gave little miss a massage with it after bath time and it really absorbed well leaving no stickiness and the faint smell of lavender was really soothing. She slept beautifully (she always has) but this time she hardly bugged. I was worried it would be too strong when we received it but it really isn't and when she woke the next morning she still had this lovely baby/lavender wiff about her that any mamma will cherish.

They have a huge line available with a product line for everyone in the family:
I know, right?! So much to choose from and try! Itching to try out their soy candles, so much healthier than burning the candles you buy at an average store.

Give them a peek, you won't be sorry! 


  1. Hey...i've had a look at the ingredients in these products (if its the same ones they stock in pretoria) and they had a lot of parabens and sulphates in them. Very very far from natural! You should try avoid those, as well as mineral oil. Having essential oils in them don't make them natural. You should try these products: they are definitely 100% natural and organic:
    Victorian Garden baby range
    Pure Beginnings
    Eco Kid

    Thanks for all your postings reading them!

  2. Hey Lisa! Thanks for your concern! We definitely don't use any parabens, sulphates or mineral oil in our house. We were sent the 2 products that you see above and every ingredient in it is plant derived, in fact the cream is in the fridge as we speak. I'm not sure which product you are talking about but this cream specifically says no mineral oil, sulphates or parabens . We also love all the brands above and we've already reviewed them all, let me know what you think about them: