Friday, 14 September 2012

FLUFFY FRIDAY!!!! Snugglybum

We received a gorgeous CAMO print Snugglybum nappy to review! Now before I could even wash it to prep it for use Little Man noticed it! It's already become his favourite and he asks me to put it on which he doesn't do with any others! Wanna see?

Yip it was nap time so he had his dummy...  Little Man has it on the middle setting. It has two rows of snaps on the rise so therefore 3 sizes. So Little Man will still be able to wear this for a while.

This nappy is super trim so I was concerned if it would hold through nap time (always a test in this house!). Well it did! Really well actually! He had it on for 3 hours without a leak and then gave it the best he had in the poop explosion department! Yeah I know, it's always the new nappies that get it!

I'm used to double gussets as a big part of our stash has them so I thought this wouldn't contain a toddler on solids and a baby exclusively breastfed as it doesn't have them. Well I was wrong! It held up both times! WOOOOHOO! 

Great features on the Snugglybum:

  • They are really easy to use, just stuff the pocket with the insert and you're set to go!
  • Easy and quick to dry
  • One size, birth to potty
  • They come in GORGEOUS prints
  • Are trim
  • Really soft inner fabric that really keeps your baba dry
  • Really a good price
  • Can buy extra inserts for night time or long trips.
  • Snap placement is really great. Sometimes they are placed to close to the inside of the leg so when baby sits they are against baba's legs and can leave marks. 
  • Has a double layer of snaps at the top which really prevents "wing droop".
  • Some snaps are easy to take off when your toddler gets to that experimental stage but these are really difficult to pull open.

What I noticed with this nappy is that it's more absorbent than my other nappies that have microfibre inserts. It was also a rather large insert so I thought it would be bulky especially on the smallest setting that I used for Sweetpea but it wasn't.

This is Sweetpea wearing it on the smallest setting. It also has overlapping wings for smaller, trimmer babies to give a tighter fit around the waist.

Did I mention they have gorgeous prints....

You can order these at their site: 

I'm in loooove with the ORGANIC BAMBOO Snugglybums. I really like these as it's only natural fibres against baba's skin! Hope to get one of these in the future!!!!

You can also find them on Facebook:

ENJOY looking around their site, really good quality and great prices and service!

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  1. Your little boy looks so cute in that camo print! And yes, they always poop in the new ones. Or after you've just put a load of diapers in the wash. Ha! The bamboo ones are great btw - if you think these are trim, you should see those. And so absorbent. Love them.