Saturday, 1 September 2012

Safety when baby wearing!

Ok so anyone who knows me knows that one of my favourite things in this world is to wear my babies! The advantages to baby wearing are endless:

The Benefits of Babywearing - for Babies

  • Emotional Benefits
    • Less Crying means a Healthier Baby - Babywearing tells children that they are loved, safe, secured and cared for. Studies have shown that the more babies are held, the less they cry.1 One study found that allowing babies to cry unnecessarily alters the nervous system by flooding the developing brain with stress hormones and adrenalin.2
    • Happy, Calm and Content - After birth, a baby held in a sling will feel reassured by the presence of their mother's body rhythms. The familiarity of her heartbeat, body temperature, body smell and breathing patterns will create a smooth transition from womb to world. A randomised controlled test reported in Pediatrics showed that carrying babies reduces crying and fussiness 43% during the day and 51% at night.
  • Cognitive Benefits
    • Babies in a Sling Learn Better - A happy baby is quiet and alert. In this state of mind, he is ready to interact with people and his environment. Babywearing offers babies the optimum position to experience the richness of the new world around them within the safety of a parent's arms.
    • Baby is on Your Level - A carried baby shares equality with its caregiver as it is physically on the same level. A baby in a pram has less equality and experiences the parent looking down on it.
  • Physiological Benefits
    • Babywearing Stimulates a Baby's Physical Development - The act of touching a baby actually stimulates growth hormones.3 Babywearing also stimulates a baby's vestibular system, the parts of the inner ear that work like levels or sensors to control the body's sense of balance. The stimulation regulates a baby's physiology, increasing their cardiac output and circulation and promotes respiration.4
    • Sling Babies are Stronger Babies - Developmental neurologists have discovered that the child of a mother who moves every day while pregnant shows clear developmental advantages. This is the same with a carried child who also develops greater physical and nerve strength.5
    • Sling Babies Sleep Better - Holding a baby in a sling for the majority of the day encourages the development of a baby's sleep/wake cycles. Babies begin to distinguish external cues which help to develop a baby's circadian rhythms. Babywearing promotes deeper, longer and more peaceful sleep cycles, vital for brain maturation.
    • Babywearing Makes Breastfeeding Easier - Babywearing offers constant and easy access to the infant's food source, the mother's breast. Such ease of access allows a mother to feed her baby on demand, thereby reducing the potential of breast infection.6 The increased skin to skin contact enjoyed by babywearers also stimulates breast milk supply.
    • Babywearing Helps Digestion and Eases Colic - Baby slings offer a more upright position which promotes digestion. A baby's tummy is massaged through the act of babywearing which also promotes bowel elimination. The acupressure points against problems of digestion or sleep, which are located on the belly and on the lower insides of the thighs, are automatically massaged through babywearing.7

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