Friday, 7 September 2012

Mother Nature FITTED nappy review!

Ok so we taking a break today from body care products to add some fluff again! This week we are spotlighting MOTHER NATURE FITTED/SHAPED nappies! 

These are some of the most absorbent nappies you will find! This is what they say about their nappy:

"Description This is our original 100% natural bamboo-cotton towelling one size cloth nappy design that adjusts to fit from birth to potty training and any size in-between!  Elasticized waist & legs gives this nappy a snug & leak-proof fit.  Shaped to create an un-bulky nappy which keeps the “messy bits” where they belong. Plastic poppers are used to fasten the nappy. These snap on easily and are very strong and durable."

It has a double layered soaker attached to the nappy which means not having to find the soakers and matching them with each nappy after washing day! Its all done!

These were the first nappies we bought with Miss Sunshine when we started her on cloth at 3 months ( after figuring out she was allergic to every make of disposable!)

This was our first purchase! We actually had 5 (1 white one that was on the baby at the time of this pic!) The 4 whitte discs are their reusable breast pads. They no longer make the fleece covers with snaps but as a pull up. We looove fleece and Mother Natures is one of my favourite fleece covers as they don't pill. The oval white and beige pads are extra boosters to add for night time. We still use these and most night times I don't even add the booster.

What's also great is that Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial which is what I think made a difference for us with Miss Sunshines sensitive skin. She hardly ever got a rash in these!

If you would like to check them out:

They have other awesome products (like their bum cream, hint, hint!) All-in-one nappies and potty trainers which we will review within the next couple of months!

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