Thursday, 20 September 2012

Wishy washy wednesday! Victorian Garden Baby Collection

Sorry for being MIA but it's been a busy week and have had issues with our internet! Let's get straight to it though!


We were sent a few products from the lovely people at Victorian Garden but will reveal them all in weeks to come but today I'll be introducing you to their Purple Coneflower and Aloe Face Moisturizer. I'm actually sorry I didn't take pics of it before I applied it but Sweetpea had this really dry patch on her neck and even though I was applying cream to it after every bath it was just never going away.

So when we received the Baby Purple Coneflower and Aloe Face Moisturizer I put it on after her nappy change and no kidding it was gone after 2 applications and it hasn't come back! This is how they describe their product:

"Babies often have little dry patches of skin on the face and during winter the skin can become dry, red and itchy. This gentle non aromatic cream with Shea Butter is ideal for use on the face and neck or wherever the skin is dry. With baby-safe Purple Coneflower (Echinacea) and Aloe Gel, both offering wonderful soothing and healing properties on baby skin. Ultra Sensitive Skin – 50ml Cosmetic Jar"

Miss Sunshine looooooves cream so when she noticed that for the last few days I've been applying face cream to Sweetpea she decided she'll take over that responsibility!

This company really believes in your baby's safety and health and this is what they stand for:

At The Victorian Garden we believe that Babies deserve safe, healthy
and gentle skincare products which are free from harsh unnatural ingredients
and are a delight to use. Products which nurture and soothe. Products which
comply with our strict “green” policy on ingredients , packaging and meet
international Health and Safety requirements. We believe that Baby Care
products marketed as “natural and organic” ought to comprise ingredients
which are genuinely natural and organic to as near 100% as possible.
Unusually for the 21st century, our products are handcrafted in our own lab
using the best quality organic and natural ingredients – not mass produced,
bottled and labelled in a factory. We personally source all our own containers,
design and print our own labels and recycle where possible. That way we can
offer you world class products at an affordable price. Great care, love and
attention goes into the making of every batch of our products. We support Fair
Trade suppliers where possible and use 99% Certified Organic, non Certified
Organic and Natural ingredients. For safety reasons, the amount of essential
oils used in our Baby Products equals about one tenth of that used in our adult
formulations. All products are mild and gentle – they are petrochemical,
paraben, SLES and animal ingredient free and are not tested on animals. You
can now include your baby in your choice of “go green / go organic” lifestyle.
Within The Victorian Garden Baby Collection you will find a choice of 18
unique and unusual, safe and non toxic baby products, many of which are
based on traditional Victorian baby care recipes combining different plant
extracts popular with Victorian mothers during the 19th century. The formulas
cater for babies from the moments straight after birth, through infancy and into
the toddler stage and have been formulated by an experienced cosmetic
chemist, aromatherapist and herbalist registered with the Allied Health
Professions Council and the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Manufacturers
Association (CTFA).

So great to see a company that is truly ALL NATURAL AND ORGANIC and their products are really of a high standard. We love them in our home and will be revealing many more of their gorgeous collections to you over the next few weeks!  

Do yourself a favour and check them out at:

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