Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Dribblin bib!

How cute is this?

Or this

See where I'm going with this?

Cute bib right? We were sent this gorgeous bandana bib from DRIBBLIN BIB a few weeks ago and it came just in time! Sweetpea has started with a serious dribbling fest so most of her gorgeous outfits are sporting these seriously ugly and large bibs that cover the cuteness! Seriously not cool!

That's where Dribblin Bib comes in! Their bibs are super cute and funky but also really functional!

What we love about it:
  • Super soft 100% cotton in a DOUBLE layer
  • Really absorbent
  • Prevents chaffing so none of that hard rash under their chins
  • Fabric is durable and can withstand frequent washing
  • Can be tumble dried on low
  • Gorgeous collection to go with any outfit
You can view their gorgeous range here:

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