Monday, 8 October 2012

POD baby carrier!

It's International Baby Wearing Week 8-12 October 2012 so I'm going to share with you my favourite sling or should I say wrap that I've ever used!



I looooooove wearing my babies and have done it with all of them! We've used a few slings, carriers and wraps in the last 6 years but this is by far my favourite! Why Sweetpea and I love this wrap the most:

  • Because it crosses over your back and the front it really gives you great support
  • The fabric is super soft and comfortable and doesn't get sweaty but is still snuggly in the cooler months
  • I love that they have tappered out the ends so that you don't have this huge amount of fabric hanging in your front where you tie the not
  • They really have gorgeous colours available 
  • Ours has been through the wash countless times and the edging is still in tack and the logo hasn't started to come off either.
  • It may look intimidating to put on but it's really simple once you try it.
  • Their website has detailed diagrams to show you step by step
  • It's only stretchy in one direction giving it the exact amount of "give" in all the right places.
  • There are different positions

Great for breast feeding.

If you live in Cape Town go check them out at:

You can also find them on facebook or online:

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