Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Lily 'n Jack!

Ok so anyone who knows my dear Sweetpea knows she loves to cuddle. Yeah I know, lucky Mamma to have a baby who is soooo snuggly. She loves to sleep with a muslin cloth next to her face so when we received this gorgeous little bunny from Lily 'n Jack I knew she was going to love it!

She has really taken to her bunny infact all my girls thought this little bunny was too precious. We've named her Lily.

We have a few pics with Sweetpea and her little Lily and she will always be part of my fondest memories when I look back one day over our little girls life. She'll be going in her memory box for her to open when she's older...

Lily is really well made and has been through the wash a few times already and looks as good as she did the day she arrived at our home. Not only are these bunnies gorgeous, well made and super comforting for our precious ones but this comapny has awesome service. Due to the strike our first bunny got lost in the post and Lily 'n Jack immediately sent Sweetpea another! This was one impressed Mamma!

I think every baba should have their own bunny with silky soft ears to cuddle and sooth.

You can find this awesome company on Facebook or at:

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  1. They're much better priced at Lilynjack, the ones at Kids Emporium are almost R200 if I remember correctly.