Friday, 12 October 2012

Fluffy Friday! Cloth wipes...

So one of my favourite things about cloth nappies (and there are many!) is that it just makes so much sense to use cloth wipes too! They are super soft, clean better than ordinary wet wipes and you just throw them in the pail with your dirty diaper.

Let me show you how EASY it is:

You'll need:

1 Tbs Olive oil (help glide over bum and nourish it)
1 Tbs Natural baby wash (clean the bum)
 3 drops Tea Tree oil/ lavender oil (anti bacterial)
2 Cups Water
Mix it all together in a bowl and dip and wring each wipe out.
HINT: try not to mix it to hard as you don't want to make bubbles.

These are wipes from BAM + BOO Baby

Fold one over the other and put in your wipes box.... TADA!

Use within 3 days to prevent it from growing anything fluffy! (Hence the tea tree oil which helps keep it fresh)

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