Friday, 26 October 2012

Fluffy Friday! Eco Nappy Solutions!

Hi my name is Shay and I'm a CLOTH DIAPER ADDICT! There I've said it! I LOOOOOVE cloth nappies and this next brand might be one (there are many) of the reasons why!

How gorgeous is this fluffy,starry butt! It's double stuffed here as she just woke up from her night time sleep, NO LEAKS!

Right, now let me tell you, this nappy is not only gorgeous to look at but it's super efficient too! Here are a few of my favourite features:

  • It's bamboo which is really absorbent and has anti-bacterial properties
  • The outer material is 100% polyester PUL which is waterproof (and of course has the gorgeous prints!)
  • The inner is a breathable 100% micro fibre polar fleece blend
  • The polar fleece draws moisture away from their little tooshies keeping them feeling dry!
  • It's a snap nappy (which are slowly becoming my favourite over hook and loop!)

  • There are 2 types of inserts available
  • White insert is a bleached 5 layer bamboo insert that is super soft (mine got a few explosions to test it and I must say they had no stains after a good "sunning session" outside)
  • Charcoal insert is also 5 layers of unbleached bamboo material and is slightly more absorbent than the white.
  • I like both inserts for different reasons but the charcoal is still tops as it's super soft and never stains! Woooohoooo!
  • It's a pocket nappy so the insert slides in between the fleece and PUL layer but you can just put the insert on top too
  • There are 3x3 rows of snaps that allow you to adjust as you need for your baba which means this nappy will last from newborn till potty trained
  • They have hip snaps so no wing droop, yippee!
  • They come in a range of patterns
Like this one! How cute is this?!

Until this review I had never tried an ECO NAPPY SOLUTIONS diaper but I am in love! This nappy fits our Sweetpea and Little Man beautifully (not that he wears this purple beauty often, just tried it on for fit!) and is a trim fit too! Will definitely be adding more of these to our cloth stash!

If you would like to see more of their range:

This is the fit on Sweetpea! She is 5 months old and it's on the 2nd last row of snaps  on the rise so she should have a lot of use of this nappy!

This company has great zippered wetbags and  really soft, biodegradable liners too! We'll be reviewing them soon!

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