Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Gem Gem Box! Wooohooo!

I LOOOOOOOVE surprises! Good one's of course! So I was really excited when GemGem Box let me know they were sending me one of their monthly boxes! Wooohooo!  The wait was pretty exciting as I had more or less an idea when their boxes went out so I just kept watching my post box! Yippee it finally arrived!

Oooooh what's in here?
I think it's an awesome concept! As a new mamma it can be quite mind blowing to see the amount of products available on the market for babies! Making a choice can sometimes be difficult so a monthly box with samples of new or existing products to test is a great idea!

With my GemGem beanie that came in my surprise box!
These boxes are crammed full of products, samples, discount vouchers, magazines and occasionally even a clothing item.

We received:

  1. 2 Purity Gold 3rd stage foods
  2. Babaderm samples
  3. Johnson and Johnson sample
  4. Vaseline handbag sized cream
  5. Hipp Organic Porridge ( my fav of course!)
  6. Your Family Magazine
  7. GemGem beanie (Sweetpea's favourite I think!)
  8. Discount vouchers

Yikes there's a lot of stuff in here!
This is a really special gift idea for a mom to be for her shower or even as a surprise to arrive a couple of weeks after the baby has arrived!

Their site is also so informative for mommies and creates a community of ladies surrounding each other in every aspect or stage of motherhood from pregnancy to toddlerhood!

I would love to see more natural products appear in these boxes or maybe even a GemGem Natural Box!

Keep your eyes peeled as there will be a competition running soon where you can win your very own surprise package from GemGem!

Did I mention that Princess our 7 year old has taken over the box as her little treasure chest of gems?!


  1. There's another company that also does this called petite box....you should try theirs and see how they compare. I am also a natural and organic eco freak, so gave them advice on better products to stock! Love reading your blog by the way :)

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful post! :) We are working hard on making our Gemgem box more natural.. and have some great products in the next couple months including Beautiful earth, Naturals Beauty and some new organic ranges! Follow our FB page to stay informed http://www.facebook.com/gemgem.gembox

  3. A NATURSUTTEN Pacifier or Teether Toy would be a perfect addition don't you think?! ;)