Tuesday, 13 November 2012

NO BPA here! Green.Kid Stainless steel bottle!

Yip that's DEFINITELY true in this house! It's kinda funny how you change when you become a mom! I had this weird obsession with plastic containers before I had kids and now I'm really fussy about a little number under the lid or on the bottom of every bottle, cup, plate or cosmetic container! YIKES!

It's impossible to know all the damage that BPA and toxic plastic has on your little ones and not do anything about it! In all honesty I'm now dumping all the so called "safe" plastic for stainless steel or glass.

Having said that though......How practical is a glass sippy cup or bottle? I think not! That's why I LOOOOOOVE this next company!

This is the gorgeous lime coloured bottle from Green.Kid!

I had the best intentions of showing you this bottle in the hands of all 4 my munchkins as it really is pretty versatile and can go from their early baby days through toddlerhood and onto early "kiddihood"( yip I make words up like that ALL the time!). Little Man was having none of that! He saw me open the box, he commented on the green colour and that was that, it was his! He has a straw stainless steel bottle for water or diluted juice (which happens on friday's at our home) and then his Green.Kid sippy for a few sips of milk before bed however let me just say that this sippy (we've been using it with the toddler spout) has had a couple of trips up to the treehouse and back down again with only a few little dents but no paint chips!

What we love about our bottle:

  • No BPA
  • 100% Plastic free
  • Pthalate free
  • Lead free
  • Unbreakable compared to glass 
  • Super cute colours
  • Paint doesn't chip off
  • Comes with an infant teat and a toddler spout
  • Fits most wide neck teats on the market (I tried it with a NUK, Avent, Pigeon)

Sweetpea will be getting her own small pink (of course!) to give coconut water and milk a try soon!

Internal bottle measurements.
And of course the colours!

PLEASE check out their site, you won't be sorry you made a healthy choice for your munchkins!


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