Monday, 12 November 2012

Friendly Disposables from Eco Bambino!

So everyone knows how much this Mamma LOOOOOOVES her Sweetpea's fluffy butt but granted not every mamma feels the same (can't imagine why! lol). That's where ECO BAMBINO steps in! I am really grateful for a company like this that sells baby and earth friendly disposable nappies! We've tested the Moltex nappies on both Sweetpea and Little Man and they are as good as any disposable available in the stores on the absorbent side but WAY better and healthier for your baba and the earth!

This is what they had to say about them:

No perfumes, synthetic lotions, antioxidants, TBT, chlorine or latex (much better for sensitive skin). TBT (tributyl tin) is a harmful environmental pollutant. It has a hormone like effect and even the smallest concentrations of TBT can harm people's immune system and impair their hormonal system.  (TCF).  Tea leaf extract is used to reduce odour & irritation.Moltex Eco Nappies use pure natural green tea leaf to help minimise odour, which has also proven very effective in protecting against fungi, viruses and yeast, which can cause nappy rash. It naturally contains cell constructing substances such as vitamins A, B and C which are essential for cell metabolism.  100% degradable packaging and outer nappy lining.  Packaging used for Moltex’s Eco Nappies is made using 100% degradable maize starch and has perforations for easy re-use as a compost or bin bag. The 100% degradable outer lining of the nappy is permeable for air and vapours, enabling comfortable wear. Moltex Eco Nappies are compostable.  Conventional disposable nappies make an alarming contribution to landfill in Australia.  Moltex Eco Nappies can be added to compost sites instead of to landfill.  Most of the nappy will break down and makes excellent compost for a wormery.  The minimal amount of super absorbent material used in the nappy (polyacrylite) gives excellent water retention to the compost and is widely used as a soil wetter, which is especially relevant to our Australian climate. Quality-made and tested in Germany. Moltex nappies are made in Germany under fair industrial relations and rigorously enforced environmental policies.

I really enjoyed using these and will definitely look at getting them for when we go camping etc! We had no leaks  and no rashes!

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