Friday, 9 November 2012

Teething Troubles!

Ok so Sweetpea has started teething! YIKES! Now when I say teething I don't mean they've actually popped out but she has definitely started chomping on fingers, Sophie her Giraffe, fingers, her Hevea and Natursutten paci's, fingers, fingers and more fingers!

Thankfully she isn't irritable or in pain just itchy I think. We started using Amber beads for Little Man when he was 3 months old and although I've read all the Science behind it I never quite believed it till the 3 times we left it off! Let's just say I believe it now!

All 4 munchkins now own their own string of Baltic Amber Beads and they work!

Little Man and his beads! Love the Surfer look!

What really helps sooth and assists in the sleeplessness that sometimes accompanies teething is Sister Lillian's Chamomilla. This is vital for Sweetpea and the last few days I've been giving it to her a few times a day and I think it's why she has done so well. This is what Sister Lillian says about it:

Sister Lilian Chamomilla D6 is a homeopathic complementary medicine which assists in strengthening the constitution of babies and children prone to colic, frequent crying, teething troubles, ear infections, irritable digestive tracts and tantrums.


You can purchase or view her range here:

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