Friday, 23 November 2012

Fluffy Friday! FANCYPANTS

Fancy, fancy, fancy! That's all I can say about these gorgeous bits of fluff! So they have a huge amount of  bonus features which I will detail in a minute but my all time favourite bit (other than the rainbow of colours!) is that you just throw it in the wash and the insert just agitates out while the load is going! Yip you said it.....FANCY!

Sweetpea loving her Fancypants! Of course with her Natursutten paci  too, read review  here

What we love about our FANCYPANTS:

  • Affordable
Disposable Nappy Cost Calculation
Size          Time in size          Changes / day          # of nappies          Average cost          Total cost
 1                12 weeks                        12                       1,008                        R1.88                  R1,895
 2                12 weeks                        10                          840                        R2.05                  R1,722
 3                12 weeks                          8                          672                        R2.37                  R1,593
 4                16 weeks                          6                          672                        R2.88                  R1,935
 5                24 weeks                          6                       1,008                        R2.95                  R2,974
 6                28 weeks                          6                       1,176                        R4.22                  R4,963

Total Cost                                                                                                                              R15,082
If you purchase 20 reusable nappies (at a cost of R3,200) you would save over R10,000!
  • Easy to use just stuff the insert in the pocket and you ready to go 
  • Gorgeous colours 10 in total
  • Super slim 
  • Durable they have strong snaps and a really durable PUL outer and the inserts can withstand tumble drying 
  • Easy to wash my favourite feature by far! The insert wiggles out all on it's own. Ours is always in the wash as we use it quite often as a night nappy and it ALWAYS comes out on it's own!
Need I say more.... Cuteness factor! It's double stuffed here for night time use.
This is what they said about their nappy:

Fancypants reusable cloth nappies are made with a soft stylish waterproof outer fabric, lined with a plush 70% bamboo / 30% organic cotton material and come with two highly absorbent microfibre inserts.
Our environmentally friendly reusable cloth nappies result in less non biodegradable waste in landfills. Unlike disposables, Fancypants nappies contain no harmful absorbency chemicals and are lined with a bamboo/cotton blend so that only natural materials touch baby’s delicate skin. This means they are comfortable AND healthy for your baby.
The all-in-one design is easy to use as there are no separate covers or pull ups, so changing your baby is fast and easy! 
Fancypants reusable cloth diapers are fully adjustable, fitting most babies from birth to potty training – saving you thousands of rand.

Love that they decided to put the tag on the back. No scratching baby plus everyone can see where they are from!

We've used this nappy over and over and it looks exactly the same as the day we received it! It "suns" beautifully leaving no stains and truly is an easy fit, even daddy can do this diaper change!

I'm in love with the Lollipop and Chocolate ones! Ai the choices...

 If you want to check out this fluffy goodness head over to:


  1. Hi,

    I am looking at trying out cloth nappies and with all the brands out there it is a little difficult to chose one!

    I have bought one from Mother Nature to try out and i am considering getting one from fancy pants as well.

    Then I saw your review for the eco nappy solutions nappy and see that they are cheaper, so now the dilemma..which one between fancypants and eco nappy solutions should i chose to try out??

    So i wanted your opinion about which of the two (fancy pants and eco nappy solutions) did you prefer more over the other and why?


  2. Hi Chantal

    Thanks for checking MAMMA GOING GREEN out! Hope you keep reading!

    To get to your question... mmmm.... Tough one actually as I enjoy both for different reasons!

    I love that fancypants already comes with 2 inserts so this diaper is ready to be used as a night time or naptime nappy all the time. Its really easy to use and no sticking your hands in a dirty pocket nappy to pull out insert before you put it in the bucket!

    Having said that I love the fit of the eco nappy solutions and that it has a hip snap which means no "wing droop" where the sides of the nappy pop out the bottom. Also the pocket is made of fleece which keeps baby feeling drier!

    I want to purchase more of each of these nappies for my stash. I prefer to have a few different brands than just one brand in my stash. They both work really well and I haven't had a leak with either!

    I know that doesn't quite answer your question but they really are 2 of my favs for different reasons!

  3. Hi Shay,
    Thanks so much for doing the cloth nappies review! I am a ftm and decided to go with cloth nappies, it just makes sense (plus they are so cute!). I am also very confused about which brand to buy (as they are quite an investment!). From what I have read I like fancy pants, snugly bums and Mother Nature (also bum genius but they are quite expensive). But of course bam boo kids and bio baba have also great I am a mess! I would also like to know if I can use them on my new born, and how many should I get? I live in Swaziland so I will need to get them online (I thought about buying from which means I can only go by opinion and research...any advice would be greatly appreciated! Ps: I really like the pocket diaper idea and need to get something that is also "daddy friendly" ;)

  4. Hi Claudia!

    Glad you enjoy the reviews, choosing nappies can sometimes be quite overwhelming hence my blog! Doodlebums is a great site with awesome service so great to support them! The beauty of ordering from them is that you can order a few different brands from the same site. I love fancypants as a night nappy, never leaks and easy for daddy too! Snugglybum is great too and I love that it has a hip snap so no wing droop when the start crawling and running around! I love cherubtree and they run quite small on their snap sizes so excellent for newborns and should last to potty training with no hassle. Super trim thanks to the hemp, microfleece combo but they sell adjusters if you have a bulky toddler! I only have one in my stash but DEFINITELY getting more, they also sell a tri booster for night time!

    Hope this helps and wish you all the best for your birth! Please feel free to ask any more questions, will gladly help where I can!

  5. Hi Shay,
    Thanks so much! I think it makes perfect sense to have different brands in my stash :) and feeling less overwhelmed after your advise. Loving your blog!

  6. Hi Shay,

    I have a couple of questions too:
    What would you say is one of the features to stay away from when choosing which brand to go with? The type of material the insert is made out of, the size adjustment options, is the wing droop thing a big problem etc?

    I also see some of the brands have a nappies specifically for newborns so it is much smaller - do you think its worth getting a couple of those for the first 2-3 months?

    Any other pointers or things to look out for when choosing which brand to go with? Also, how many nappies would you get to start your stash?

    Would you recommend getting the flushable liners to use with the nappies during times of upset stomachs or teething etc so its easier to clean.

    Sorry for all the questions but also becoming a first time mom soon and really can't wait to try out the fluffy bums!

    Thanks, Lisa