Saturday, 24 November 2012

The new member!

So we had plans of doing an "Ice cream parlour" party 50's style for Princess this year but she decided to opt out of a party and get a bigger gift.

After an hour long family meeting and discussing responsibility Mr Movie Maker decided that he thinks    Princess is ready! So started our hunt for the perfect addition to our family!

We found her!

Meet Makenna!
A few family members sent her money for her birthday and we added the difference and she got a Springer/Cokerspaniel mix = Sprocker Spaniel!

She's fitted right in and her favourite spot is under the jumpy licking baby toes much to Sweetpea's delight!

She has brought the munchkins much JOY and they LOVE her dearly! Of course she is a natural pup  so we will be reviewing natural pet products for her too!

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