Monday, 18 November 2013


Ok so when you start thinking cloth as a newbie, night time diapering can be quite daunting. Well I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be! Let me introduce you to Moon.Me nappies...

There are 3 different insert options:

  1. The first one in the pic is the 3 layer micro fibre insert with 1 layer Bamboo at the top
  2. 3 layer Bamboo insert (middle one in pic above)
  3. 3 layer micro fibre insert
Now I'm not the biggest fan of micro fibre because its something unnatural against babies skin but having said that they do work and do absorb and work especially well when combined with natural fibres which in this case is bamboo.

What we like about Moon.Me:

  • Each nappy you buy comes with a 3 layer bamboo insert and a 3 layer micro fibre insert which I think is awesome. Most other brands other than Cherub Tree come with just one insert.
  • The bamboo is softer than any other bamboo insert I've tried and has stayed that way wash after wash after wash! 
  • The bamboo insert  is super absorbent but really trim so at night when I use all 3 layers in Sweetpea's nappy it really isn't bulky.
  • The PUL has just the right amount of stretch to allow you to use all the snap combinations comfortably but still keeping the trim look (NOTE: all the pics taken of Sweetpea in the Moon.Me have all 3 layers in)
  • The snaps are of excellent quality and so far Sweetpea hasn't been able to open this nappy like she has with her Babyland and Alva nappies (which are a similar make to Moon.Me)
  • It's 3 layers of snaps on the rise (which adjust the size) and has crossover snaps too for a better fit on small waisted babies or young infants.
  • I haven't tried this nappy on a very young baby and would be interested to see the fit as we really enjoy these and will definitely get more in the future (should we need more nappies!)
  • I find this PUL to be of excellent quality and you can see the snaps on the rise won't eventually fall through the fabric with time.

  • The fit around the leg is perfect and we are yet to have a leak in this nappy, day or night and at the moment it's our "go too night nappy" especially since we received it. 
  • The elastic on the back is wide enough to make stuffing of the pocket easier for mamma's with big hands or daddies who help with laundry but yet still keeps in all type's of number 2's! 
  • It's a really easy nappy to use so great for daddies, grannies, caregivers and for sending to creché.
  • We like to use it during the day with the 3 layer micro fiber insert stuffed in the pocket and the bamboo insert on top of the pocket so only natural fibre's are touching Sweetpea's bum.
  • At night if she hasn't used the potty before bed and has had a lot to drink at bedtime then I put all 3 inserts in the pocket and top it with a bamboo fleece liner.

Right so I think I covered all the nitty gritty of this nappy but you all know how I crush over a gorgeous  fluffy butt and let me just say that this company has some of the nicest prints available in SA! 

Esme at Mulberry Moon is a mama of 3 who uses these nappies herself. She is really lovely and can assist any mother new to cloth. Their website has loads of useful info and personal tips of how to use Moon.Me's, washing, stripping (if you should need too) and really good package prices and offers. 

For mamma's considering Baltic Amber and Hazelwood teething necklaces you can actually order it with your nappies from this site!

Their prices are really reasonable and an excellent investment!


  1. Pretty prints! There are a couple of brands available in SA which come with more than one insert though - Cherub Tree, Fancypants, Bam+Boo, Fuzzibunz, Bumgenius and Charlie Banana. :-)

    1. Hey Marisa!

      Yes you are so right, what I meant though was 2 different types of inserts. Cherub tree being one hemp and one micro fibre and Moon. Me having the bamboo and one micro fibre insert. In my 5 1/2 years of diapering my babies I found combination inserts to work best for our babies. Having said that that isn't the case with everyone, its actually why I chose not to rate the nappies we use or have used in the past as over the years I've really learnt "one mamma's trash is another mamma's treasure".

  2. Also what works for one of your babies might not work so well with your next. Gender, size of baby, milk consumption etc all play a part. You might experience it with your next baba and A.

  3. I really like ratings from experienced cloth diaper reviewers. It really helps me in my decision to spend money on something I have only seen advertised but haven't been able to see in person.

    1. They definitely have their place for some. When I started out looking at cloth while preggy with my 2nd there wasn't much available in way of info or nappies themselves in SA (6 yrs ago). This set me on a nappy info hunt online. For months I read review after review on different brands and loved all the pics that showed the fit, inserts etc. What eventually started happening though was that I started getting confused about which was nicer, cheaper, worked at night etc because the ratings for the same nappy differed dramatically from one mom to another. I did eventually purchase a few diifferent brands that rated high on some mommies lists only to find they just didnt work as well as I thought they would.

      I kept most of them though but bought others that I prefered. Later the ones that didn't work for Miss Sunshine (2nd baby) landed up working great for Little Man ( 3rd child) and we still have some of them that went on to work with Sweetpea too.

      Although I found value in a good rating and enjoy reading what other moms rate particular brands when I did nappucinos I found that other new mommies who attended also mentioned ratings confused them. They wanted to know what other moms enjoyed about the different brands, hence why I did our blog reviews the way I have.