Wednesday, 20 November 2013

KAWAN the Hevea Duck!

We were so SUPER excited when Heveababy in the US asked us to review their new release, of course YES!!! We are big fans of Hevea in this house and Sweetpea has had many of their gorgeous paci's since she was a few weeks old, you can read more about that here. Their range is beautiful and best of all TOTALLY SAFE! More about that later though, let me introduce you too... KAWAN!!

Man oh man is this rubber ducky more than I ever expected! For starters he is huge compared to other little rubber ducks!

See what I mean? Even Sweetpea noticed the difference!

What we love about Kawan:
  • Kawan is a teether, bath toy and playmate.
  • I love that he has no holes so no more yucky black water squirting out the bottom and filling baby's bath water with mould and germs.
  • He actually floats! Yes a rubber ducky that doesn't just plop to the side and swim aimlessly!
  • He is made from natural rubber so no BPA, PVC and is free from phthalates.
  • He is dyed using natural pigments and done by hand (the love that went into this guy!)
  • he has textured feet and beak which really help with itchy gums, Sweetpea defintely loves this feature the most.
  • she loves the texture of his body too that has this soft velvety feel to him.
  • His one piece design (much like the Hevea paci) has no cracks and joints that can harbour bacteria.
  • What I love most bout KAWAN (besides that he is free of anything nasty) is that Sweetpea really enjoys him out the bath, (he even occasionally joins us on car trips) but then once he gets dirty it's so easy to just plop him in with her bath time and he quickly gets clean.
  • I love that she can take Kawan out the tub as I lift her out and it doesn't squirt water all over our bed and her as she gets her bedtime massage. She happily continues to chew on him while I apply her cream, nappy and clothes.

They have a beautiful range of pacifiers, pacifier clips, bath toys and teethers.

Their goodies come packaged in these beautiful unisex boxes that make great gifts for the festive season , birthday's and baby showers and they are made of FSC certified paper.

We will definitely be purchasing more of these beauties for Sweetpea.

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