Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Toddle Pod carrier

My love for baby wearing sometimes goes beyond words. It's hard to explain unless you've worn your baby and had them close, they can feel your heartbeat and you can feel theirs, it's an awesome feeling and there are so many benefits to wearing your baby that I won't get into now but you can check it out here and here.

We received the Pod Baby Carrier 5 months ago to review. In those 5 months a lot happened, I got very ill and had to stop breastfeeding ( even better reason to carry Sweetpea), all 4 my munchies got measles (good reason to carry Sweetpea), we started packing for our big move to the farm ( another reason to carry Sweetpea), we arrived, unpacked and got back into schooling and started our work on the farm (yet again another good reason to carry our Sweetpea). So not only was my baby close to me which helped me get things done, she also took well to all these changes for that exact reason, SHE WAS CLOSE TO ME...

Happy mommy, happy baby!
It has a wide, padded belt that goes around the waist and back really comfortably.

This carrier has super wide straps that don't cut into your shoulders or back at all, the one I received had 2 toned straps so its easy to see when you put it on if it's twisting, small detail that makes a huge difference!

2 toned fabric strap

They've added a large pocket in the front, great for a quick walk or run to the shops so you can put money, keys, teether and paci in and your hands are free. It's a generous size but yet it doesn't make the carrier bulky at all. (PLEASE mommies and daddies, don't use this to store your phone, not a good idea to have radiation so close to their kidney's).

You can see the safety strap going over the clip.

One of my favourite features is the safety stud added over the clip because as luck would have it our clip snapped and this stud kept all 10kgs of baby in and safe! This is a must for me now!

Here you can actually see the broken clip and how the strap contained her, pretty awesome if you ask me!
(P.S. they do supply spare buckles if  you need them)

Neat little bundle

Another pretty cool  feature are these elastic bands that contain the extra length of strap and keep them contained so they wont get stuck in the buckles as you put it on.  It  makes it that more user friendly and neat.

It's easy and quick to fold up and isn't bulky, which for this mamma is a big plus as our nappy bag already has cloth diapers in so a huge bulky carrier wouldn't do but this one passed the test!

Easy fit!

This is the Deluxe Toddle Pod so it has a zippered extension so you could happily carry your 4 year old in this carrier!

We've used this carrier on both back and front but it can be used as a hip carrier too.

This little guy is 9 months and as you can see it works really great 
All in all this carrier is a really awesome buy, worth every cent you pay as it is so flexible and easy to use. Its important to note that they come in 2 sizes so make sure to order the right fit, ours was slightly to large but was still one of my favourite carriers.

if you didn't see our review on their wrap you can find it here

Check them out

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