Thursday, 14 November 2013

Noonoo Pie Tie...

BENEFITS of Babywearing: 

  • Babies that are worn are documented to cry 50% less than those that aren't
  • They are calmer and spend more time in a state of "quiet alertness". So this allows them to focus on their surroundings and learn as they watch. If it becomes to much they can cuddle up to mom's chest and rest.
  • Babies that are worn are close to mom's heart, they hear this for 9 months so it becomes their comfort, when they arrive in this world there is a lot to get used too. Lights, noise, lots of voices and this gives them security and comfort.
  • They are also much closer to your voice so are able to hear the tones better and clearer making it easier for them to learn. They are also able to watch mom's face and expressions.
  • It allows you to carry on with household chores, take care of other siblings, take the dog for a walk, go grocery shopping or just a hike!

WHY we love the Noonoo Pie Tie?
  • It's mostly cotton so still breathable and comfortable in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • It has just the right amount of stretch so easy to get baby in and out!
  • The stretch also allows for easy breastfeeding as you can adjust baby to a lower position to feed and then just bounce them back up slightly and tighten it again should you need to.
  • I love the tapered edges as you don't have this huge amount of fabric hanging over you legs as you walk.
  • The wrap allows for even distribution over your shoulders and fans over your back which really prevents back ache, neck pains and shoulder strain, really it's much more comfortable than just carrying your babies in your arms!

  • There are no belts or buckles that can rub against you skin or baby and cause pain or irritation. (Note: there are many carriers that do have buckles but the good ones don't have it in a position to inflict pain).
  • It allows correct posture for baby and you. The fabric is wide enough to spread between the babies legs up till behind the knees giving baby good support
  • This wrap is extremely useful with preemies needing skin on skin (or all newborns) as you can wear this without a shirt or top and it can cover all your new baby wobbly bits and essentials for around the house and hospital.
  • it's great for moms with multiples and can be used with 2 babies at a time.

  • It's  wonderful to use while preggy to ease discomfort of a growing belly and can help sooth contractions too.

It looks difficult or confusing to put on but once you have done it a few times it becomes something you master really quickly!

There are a few different holds that you can check out HERE.

We LOOOOOVE our Noonoo Pie Tie! Having 4 children and buying heaps of stuff to try with them I have really come to the simple things that really matter and that you both enjoy to use. My recommendations when Mamma's ask "what would you say I need?".  It's easy, a stretchy wrap, cloth diapers, organic baby bodycare products and a lovely large muslin cloth, TADA that's all!

Rolls up easily and fit's beautifully in a nappy bag...


  1. Hi there, thanks for your post! You look beautiful in your pic! What colouir is that plum or deep red? I want to order my noonoopie and I am stuck on a colour. Did you find it too stimulating for baby? Thanks, Kerry

  2. Hi Kerry!

    Thanks so much for the lovely compliment! To be honest I can't remember! Are you on my Facebook page then I can tag the company in the pic and we can get a reply. I'm not sure why Ruby Red is standing out to me at the moment! Will quickly post on FB and get a reply!

    1. Oh and to answer your question ahout it being to stimulating,, no it isn't. Actually find it really ca,ms them, so if they aren't tired they are in the quiet alert state watching there surroundings, you are able to talk them through what you are seeing. Either the trees, if you see animals along your walk or even at the shops you can point out another baby, show them the fruit or veg and name them so baby is learning too. If they are tired I found it to be a tremendous help when they are fussy, usually it takes Sweetpea about 5 or 6 mins to fall asleep! Hope that answers your questions!