Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Pure Gemsquash Bean bag and flip...

Woohoo we are exactly 1 week away from Hannukah! We are starting with our home deco, lights are going up tomorrow and count down calendars are being made... Just love this time of year!

As you all know we have 4 munchkins, you add 8 days of gifts for each and the grand total = 32 gifts!
My hubby and I have heaps of fun deciding on gifts for the children, we like a mix of educational, imagination, books and play. 

I love to purchase goodies that can be used as part of our homeschool day and I know many Homeschooling mamma's do too. Earlier this year PURE GEMSQUASH sent us this super cool package that Princess was really excited to open! I think it would make a great gift for any child and really can be used at different stages and ages.

I love to set up things we have in the house with toys and watch how they come up with ideas to play.


And we're off!
The materials used in this wooden flip are of great quality. This set has really been put to the test for us as it's been used as a surf board, skateboard, fire engine, balance beam ( for little Sweetpea) and of course as a flip! The bean bag is stuffed with plastic recycled chips so makes it completely machine washable, handy feature as it spends a lot of time outside.

We use the bag on it's own for aiming games together with the washing basket and hoola hoop. Then we couple it with the flip in the same way to add some extra "spice" to the game. We plan to use it next year for a sight words game by writing the words with chalk on a pavement and drawing a circle or square around it. I will shout out the sight word and Princess will have to aim her flip and fire her bean bag to land on the right sight word!

Really the ideas are endless...  We will be posting more games next year as part of a homeschooling series and the bean bag and flip will be used quite often so keep your eyes peeled!

Miss Sunshine wanted to show you all how she can hoola hoop!

A friend gave me this gorgeous old wooden crate and for now it's being used next to our front door with what I call "invitations to go outside". We don't really allow our indoor toys to go outside on a daily basis but we do have this crate that I change up with different things in the house that can be used outside in the water, sand and grass. If you would like to see more ideas of what goes in our invitation crate join our FACEBOOK page. We will be occasionally posting pics.

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