Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Bambino Mio review!

So this is my first of many reviews lined up so please stick around!

(excuse the quality of the pic, tad difficult with squirmy!)
 I've been using cloth nappies since our second baby, Miss Sunshine was 3 months old. Bambino Mio was one of our first nappies and we loooooove them! Infact the size 2's we bought with her have gone onto Little Man and still look great so will be used for Sweetpea when she is big enough to move onto them.

Double gusset and no gaps between the leg and nappy! HUGE plus!

For the moment she is on size 1's and they are my go to nappy with her. They fit her really well and she never has a leak (probably because they have a double gusset cover). We have 3 covers in our stash and just replace the prefold if it's wet or soiled and reuse the cover. 

They are imported from the UK and the quality shows wash after wash. They are made using a three panel construction with 6 layers (size 1) and 8 layers (size 2) in the centre and 4 layers of tightly woven 100 % cotton on the outer panels.

It's considered a prefold nappy and can be tri folded (our favourite at the moment!) and just placed in the cover or folded a variety of different ways to suit a girl or boy or heavy wetter. U- tube has some great tutorials for the various folds.

This is the prefold open, you can see the vertical lines are where I normally fold them.

We use them as our night time nappies very often and they go through the night with Little Man who is now 2. It's an excellent night time option for heavy wetters and additional boosters (Mio Boost)  can be bought to add to them which we haven't even found to be necessary. 

They come in size 1 (up to 7kg) and size 2 ( 7kg to 16kg ) and they have 5 different size covers to get the best fit.

You can purchase them at Baby City, Wellness Warehouse and on line.

If you are looking for any further info on Bambino Mio check out : and look them up on Facebook!

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