Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Paint packets!

So who can use a cheap, quick craft for the kiddo's that keeps them busy for ages? Every mom I'm sure! We made these (actually I did while they were sleeping, who needs paint on the floors right?!) and my 3 munchkins loved them!

Really simple to do:
Liquid paint ( we used Tempura)
Cheap ziplock bag (any size)

Pour a 1/4 of the bag full of paint, press the air out and seal.
Give the kiddo's the right to creativity and see what they come up with!

So great to see how each of them explore in different ways. Princess (6 yrs old) decided to use things in the house that have a definite shape to press into the paint. She used things like the bottom of a candle to make a circle and a marker that she rolled to create a rectangle.

Miss Sunshine ( 4 years old) decided to use her wooden alphabet puzzle to mark letters in the paint.

Little Man got clever, it's paint so it needs a brush! He made all types of squiggles and lines with his paintbrush!

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