Monday, 20 August 2012

Earthbabies Fitted Nappy

Earthbabies is a great site to find info on natural parenting, this is what they are about:
"We are a home run business which was created to help inform and support parents seeking a more natural approach to birth and parenting.
When doing research into natural alternatives ourselves we found that there was an abundance of information and support for women in England and America but very little in South Africa.

Our aim is to provide information about some of the natural approaches to birth and parenting. We cover topics like natural birth, waterbirth, attachment parenting, breastfeeding, baby wearing, elimination communication and more. The products we offer give support to parents choosing a more instinctive/attachment parenting lifestyle: cloth nappies/diapers, slings, wraps, belly casts and other products."

 Earthbabies are made of a super soft cotton terry and come in 3 sizes. They are pretty absorbent and have a great fit. Sweetpea is now on the medium size and I love the way it snuggles her so well but the velcro makes it easy to adjust to exactly the right fit. This medium size will fit her for a while still. They have covers that then go over the nappy but I actually like keeping them open in the summer and now with Sweetpea doing EC (Elimination communication) it comes in handy just leaving the cover off to read her signals (see what she was doing just before the nappy got wet).

Snug fit around the leg, especially great with newborn no 2's!
 Little Man (2 yrs)  especially loves these nappies as they are so comfy to wear. He is wearing the large and it fits him really well too. I will be doing a post later on in the month on diapering a toddler and some of our choices. It will have pics with a few brands to demonstrate the different fits.

The covers dry really quickly and you can use them with numerous nappies before putting them in the wash. While the cover isn't attached it makes it easier to dry the nappy in the tumble drier if you really get stuck in the winter and it's been raining for days!

I've been in direct contact with Sally who is part owner in the company and she is really informative and helpful. What's awesome about this company is that it's owned by mothers for mothers. They've tried and used every product they sell. Their service is great and the quality is really good. Mamma Going Green will be reviewing their ring sling soon on our new series of posts called "MOMMY MUST HAVE MONDAY'S!"
These are the covers.
If you would like to read more about cloth nappies, Elimination Communication, baby wearing etc check out:

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