Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Tasty Tuesday!

So as a mum of four, three of which seem like they are constantly hungry, snacking is always on the cards!
We try to offer healthy snacks as much as we can and I enjoy being able to occasionally prepare them with my munchkins.

Last week the gang and I made these:

Peanut butter and popped rice covered bananas! These were really easy for the children to make (with my supervision of course, there were plastic knives involved!) and oh so yummy! We used Heartland Rice Popperz (supp not GMOed), peanut butter (Woolies was all out on Organic, but if you can it's even better) and Organic bananas.

It all happened in three easy steps:

* Cut banana in 3
* Spread peanut butter over them
* Dip in Rice Popperz

And then the best part.... GOBBLE them up!


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