Friday, 24 August 2012

Fluffy friday! BAM+BOO BABY

Every friday at MGG we will be spotlighting a nappy. One of my favourite things is a little fluffy butt!

This friday is:

These are all the gorgeous colours! See how you can fold them up.

We have been using these nappies for over 4 years and I really enjoy them.
They aren't bulky and are made of bamboo which not only makes them very absorbent but it also has anti-bacterial properties, so its great for babies that battle with rashes.

It's a OSFA (one size fits all) as you can see from the poppers on the front of the nappy (the rise). It adjusts to fit young or small babies to larger and older babies and toddlers. 

What's a really great feature with this brand is that it has poppers to attach the soaker and booster to the inside of the waterproof cover which means there is no shifting around even with an active toddler!
It also means that if you can't hang it out to dry due to bad weather the soaker can be put in the drier without the cover (PUL fabric which the cover is made of eventually gets destroyed if dried in the dryer to much.)

There is a trifold booster that you can add to this for night time too. What you can't see very well in the pic above is that it has a pocket in the cover where the soaker can be put into. The fabric that the pocket is made of is called Coolmax and is similar to gym gear in that it is designed to keep you dry. This is awesome for night time as the baby doesn't get bothered with feeling wet so it sleeps longer stretches, BONUS! So you can use it 2 ways, ontop of the coolmax fabric or under it!

This is how it fit's Sweetpea. She has it on the first row of poppers which would be the smallest size.
(Little man wears it on the last row. It will be part of our segment on diapering a toddler soon)

This nappy also has double gussets on the legs so no leaks or explosions! Woohoo!
If you are interested in this nappy and want to know more you can contact me through the comments!



  1. Hi Mamma Going Green! Love reading your blog! Which is your favourite cloth nappy and for what reasons? Thanks, Lisa

  2. Hi Lisa! Thanks for the love! Have you liked our Facebook page yet? Few competitions coming soon you won't want to miss! To answer your question is a tad difficult! I love a few brands for different reasons. If you are after something natural I love EFA nappies that will be reviewed this week. The outer, inner and soaker pad are all made of bamboo and cotton. Eco nappy solutions is also great and slim but still absorbent and they have a hip snap which I love as it prevents wing droop. Fancy pants are great as the part that touches baba is also natural and partly organic, it also washes easily! Hope that helps! I love all of them for different reasons and at different stages. How old is your baba?

  3. Hi Shay,
    Thanks for the reply. My baba isn't here yet, but i'm trying to get as much info before he/she comes so i'm ready in advance. I'd like to do only cloth diapering so that's why i was asking as i'll need to get about 20 to start i think. Would you recommend getting a few from each brand, or sticking to just one brand and getting them all from the one? Thanks for the advice!

  4. Hey Lisa!

    I would suggest getting a few different brands! You'll find that you will use them for different needs. Some as night time nappies, some to use with pants (lol) some that fit easily in your nappy bag etc! I find the variety fun too! I love to mix and match our fluffy butts with different t shirts and dresses!