Thursday, 9 August 2012

Starting Elimination communication!

So What is Elimination communication? (What I will refer to as EC in the rest of this post)

Elimination Communication is NOT potty training. It is a natural, gentle, non-coercive process where a baby, preferably beginning in the early stages, learns with the loving assistance of parents to communicate about and address his or her elimination needs. This practice makes normal potty training unnecessary.
Believe it or not babies are aware of their elimination needs from birth and communicate those needs through various vocal and bodily signals. From the first few months of life, babies have the ability to consciously release their bladders and bowels when offered appropriate pottying opportunities. When we practice elimination communication (EC), we recognize their signals and enable our babies to maintain a connection with their bodily sensations.

                                                                      Sweetpea at 7 weeks using her potty... 

I started Sweetpea at 6 weeks by sitting on the edge of the toilet and facing towards the lid. I would then cup her legs in a sitting position and rest her back against my chest. We initially started by using timing, so going when she wakes up or after a feed or every hour or so. This helped me notice what her facial expressions or body language was when she was actually going. Now I'm becoming familiar with those signals and use them as cues to offer her the potty or toilet. It's almost 4 weeks on now and she is doing great! Almost all her number 2's or on the potty or loo!

As we go I will be adding more to the blog about EC, different potties, positions etc. 

To all the ladies, HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY!!

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